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Taking advantage of the mistaken belief that hydrogen is a nuclear bomb fuel, not realizing that it takes a nuke to set it off.

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2035 guestimate :

chariot auto nano tubes

chariot auto

chariot auto nano tubes

First draft for skip based vehicles :

chariot auto skip

chariot auto

Welcome to Chariot-Auto. Ideas man Eddy Crowley of here and this is 1 of my 20 project sites.

As you can see, some of my posts are a bit tongue in cheek, or meant to be funny, eureka style.

Why?, because it could be true if taken seriously.

This site has evolved over the past 8 months to now focusing on N. T. T. S. 'nano tubes transit system',

nano tubes transit system (

The main mission of the project site is to reverse engineer, then evolve Sir Clive Sinclair's C-5 seating position

and lever based steering, also preliminary research into L.P.G. style conversions of petrol cars to also run on hydrogen, see engine page.

This site is very much a starting point, near back of envelope scrappers, to establish a design brief to develop

new formats that will utilise existing infrastructure, hopefully part way to establish proof of concept for green one seat transport.

This project needs to be developed by engineers and 3-D designers, neither skill set I hold.

It could inspire colleges and Universities to do projects to design and prototype nano units and infrastructure.

I hope the content at least gives you a good laugh, under the masks. Enjoy.

Thanks for your time. Eddy.

chariot auto

City life 2031

chariot auto nano tubes

Centrifugal nano corners:

chariot auto nano tubes

Mobile office V.R. helmet view.

chariot auto

A.I. has personality ?

chariot auto nano tubes magnolev

chariot auto nano tube

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McLaren Elva as a one seat study.

chariot auto

2011 volkswagen-nils-electric-car-concept:

chariot auto


2011-volkswagen-nils-concept-live-photos-2011-frankfurt-auto-show below would be a very good starting point for Chariot-Auto

if VW could help out. Discovered 26/07/21

N.I.L.S ( Northern Ireland's Little Sportster )

Chariot auto

chariot auto




Note in above image the suspension arms pivot back and in to narrow the vehicle, a nano influence,

My guess below is a different take and probably wrong, just a starting point.

nano-tubeway-auto-scoot, first inspiration doodle, more to come..

chariot auto

I heard President Putin might have been doing it for years !

chariot auto

N.T.T.S. nano tubes transit system (pronounced 'NUTS').
Of the Gov. By the Gov. For the Gov.

chariot auto

chariot auto

nano tube transit system, " It's safer than cycling ".
Added bonus is infection is minimal risk in transit as users have own personal space.

chariot auto

Nano tracks to NANO tubes.

chariot auto

MODECO prototype idea :

chariot auto

Nano trailer packs:

chariot auto

Past up board for N.T.T.S. (Pronounced NUTS)

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19th June 2021 update: The project was on the back boiler for a month or so, Here are the updates for the site:

Get James May !

chariot auto

Edd China 's FSMR 1!

chariot auto

Club house racing series idea.

chariot auto


chariot auto

1970's style craze written all over it.

chariot auto


chariot auto

NANO NANO Mork calling Awesome.

chariot auto

Chariot Auto design brief for big car players.

chariot auto

Design brief page 2 NOT MOD !

chariot auto

NANO racing season winter online and summer on running tracks.

chariot auto

Waiting room racing.

chariot auto

As Father Jack would say 'DRINK'.

chariot auto

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Never mind ATOMIC, it's NANO Racing

chariot auto


chariot auto

What do you get if you cross a super bike with an F1 car ?

chariot auto

Formula Mounty idea:

chariot auto

Design brief C-21 :

chariot auto

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27th April 2021: It's been a few months since I've worked on this project and I've been thinking on the electric option,

inspired by Gary Newman's electric one man car used in his 79-80 tour and C-5 steering.


MK1 DIY build using cut down Wheelie bins and lawn mower front engine chariot racing in car parks craze. Formula W ?

chariot auto

F-W, Formula W, Wheelie bin racing

chariot auto

The lawn mower men.

chariot auto

Inspired from memory of Gary Numan's stage car 79-80 tour

chariot auto

Teardrop solo:

chariot auto

chariot auto

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Back to original site with hydrogen powered internal combustion engines.

Welcome to


This project is the basis of a design brief for a green Ulster auto industry :


The case for duel fuelled vehicles, conversion kits for petrol engines that can easily switch

to hydrogen gas ( engine page ) with a similar refuelling to L.P.G. petrol engine conversions.


Bivalent (engine) - Wikipedia

Hydrogen and natural gas (L.P.G.) are very similar as fuels, so the differences between the

components needed to burn them are trivial, and interoperable systems are easily made.


After being decarbonized ( Edd China shows how )

L.P.G. style hydrogen kits could be developed to be retro fitted to classic sports cars worth

the investment and Gov. spec utility vehicles, if adopted by Stormont.


The information provided on this site is primarily a collage of other people's work, mainly validated on Wikipedia, the world encyclopedia.

My input is as a creative who has done many collages both with printed paper cut up and glued punk style, (a style that evolved from

the Da-Da art movement in the early 1900's) and digital collages on Photo shop, It is from my artistic background and experience as a graphic

designer (where I found establishing a design brief was the hardest part), that I have organized the information on this site.

My basic conclusion is that Hydrogen is an old school analogue solution to global warming.

One that at least the military should research and think about investing in.


The objective of this site is to establish a green auto industry in Ulster. The first spark of the concept was when I remembered Top Gear's

hydrogen powered BMW review, mid 2000s, and over time accepted the science of hydrogen fueled internal combustion engines as fact.

Through this project and many other people's projects, I hope that in the 21st century Ulster will hop, skip and jump into the future and lead

the world in eco diversity with the most sustainable green energy cycle in the western world.

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logo chariot auto


The concept for this site is Bi-fuelled utility vehicles, hydro-sports cars and Sinclair style hydro-micro cars,

giving both petrol / gasoline and hydrogen gas powered choices, like L.P.G. conversions.

The ideal would be for Shorts to build the body and Harland and Wolff to build the chassis for the utility units.

We could lead the way in robust eco-friendly hydro powered utility vehicles and also develop a hydro-sports and hydro-micro car option.

Decisions would need to be made at government level to test bed the tech in N. Ireland.

For the utility vehicles, example farming, industry, public transport, Gov. utility vehicles, all with various build options,

they could be made in order to meet demand, as defined by the government's requirements.


Project started 20/12/2020

Finish target 31/12/20 23.59.59

Finished 03/01/21 ( more information on hydrogen added 17/01/2021 )

First post

I will approach Stormont when this site is no longer 'Under Construction' and is fit for purpose.

As an ideas man, I see this project developing into a business in a box, the basis of a good business plan that the

government can have at cost price to develop and deploy, me only ever having creative input.


On 04/01/2021 I contacted the five main parties about this project, as yet (17/01/2021) there has been no reply.

mash unit


Over the past two weeks (14/01/21) I have been trying to get Microsoft advertising to promote the site and today they closed my account with the following email.

mash unit

29/06/21 My account with MS advertising has been reinstated without any notification.

chariot auto


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First draft of design brief (A4 scrapper)


Link to hydrogen powered motor bike :



An idea for 3-D printed body panels:


BMW Z1; Plastic body panels that could be 3-D printed.

bmw z1


kit car


3-D printed car panels on an esprit chassis ?,ground%20up%2C%20layer%20by%20layer.



Limited production lines of utility hydro power / petrol vehicles for N.I. only at first, then export to order.

Harland and Wolff could make the chassis and Shorts could do the cab and body work.



Samples of limited production sportsters that could influence a KIT CAR style build.

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Awaiting Stormont approval :



'Sunday Cup Stormont' idea, who can get furthest in 6 hours with 2 drivers, Gov. funded amateur race league.

Self build hydro-chariots Sunday cup on the roads around Stormont ?

Note: Sir Clive Sinclair spent a lot of time and effort developing the C5 seating position, very ergonomic.

sunday cup stormont


Narrow cars for narrow back roads formula.



It's 'Back to the Future' ( 1, 2 & 3 ) with C-5 Hydro Racers.

c5 hydrogen racer


Narrow road racing C-5 style steering guess ?

c5 steering


Quick paste up sheet on the Sinclair C-5:



DIY C-5 style steering prototype using bike parts continued.

diy c5


Any suggestions on a name for this style of car ?

chariot auto


Eco-racer concept.

frugal chariot auto


Nascar seperate skin for bodywork bolted on. A much smaller one seater could be adapted with much smaller wheels.



Get the look you want by DIY or download 3D print job to a local garage option?

3d print


Shortened, narrowed and chopped cheap classics to convert into hydrogen racers.

chariot auto


Micro car paste up board:

Note ; Small wheels and small suspension.

micro car


Scaled up go cart for hydro sportster.

go cart


Mainly one seater roll cage buggies that could be adapted for road use.

chariot auto com


Draft 2 of logo. ' it's Biblical transport'.

Low riders from the time of Christ and before,

over four thousand years ago to 1850, then the cannon became the basis for the piston on steam machines powered by coal.

logo chariot auto


James May on why hydrogen power for cars makes sense:


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To start things off the most important thing is to understand that hydrogen and oxygen can be made from water

with a process called electrolysis. The big decision is how to power the electrolysis, either by renewables

like solar and wind farms or nuclear probably on a massive scale.

Below are my findings from information I gathered in the public domain, mainly Wikipedia,

in summary it is all in support of hydrogen as a viable fuel source that has very green credentials.


Hydrogen: How to make it on Electrolysis of water - Wikipedia

Two leads, running from the terminals of a battery, are placed in a cup of water with a quantity of electrolyte to establish conductivity in the solution.

Using NaCl (table salt) in an electrolyte solution results in chlorine gas rather than oxygen due to a competing half-reaction. With the correct

electrodes and correct electrolyte, such as baking soda (sodium bicarbonate), hydrogen and oxygen gases will stream from the oppositely

charged electrodes. Oxygen will collect at the positively charged electrode (anode) and hydrogen will collect at the negatively charged

electrode (cathode). Note that hydrogen is positively charged in the H2O molecule, so it ends up at the negative electrode. (And vice versa for oxygen.)


hydro power


Below is an example of a hydrogen solar farm by Belgian company Tiger power ( )

Note: I have contacted Tiger power for confirmation on product as website is not live, awaiting reply.

As confirmation of the hydrogen solar farm below has not been received the image below is for

illustration purposes only as to how one might look.

It uses excess power from solar to make hydrogen and store it to run generators when not enough solar is available, at night etc.

The same concept could also be powered by wind and wave farms in N. Ireland.

In simple terms it just transforms live power 'electricity' into potential energy gasses hydrogen and oxygen by electrolysis with water,

that can be combusted in an internal combustion engine to power machines or drive a generator going back to electricity.

World’s First, Solar-Hydrogen Powered Mini-Grids in Uganda - FuelCellsWorks

chariot auto


Interesting book on the topic @ £300 Paperback ISBN: 9780128148532

chariot auto

Solar Hydrogen Production: Processes, Systems and Technologies presents the most recent developments in solar-driven hydrogen

generation methods. The book covers different hydrogen production routes, from renewable sources, to solar harvesting technologies.

Sections focus on solar energy, presenting the main thermal and electrical technologies suitable for possible integration into solar-based

hydrogen production systems and present a thorough examination of solar hydrogen technologies, ranging from solar-driven water electrolysis

and solar thermal methods, to photo-catalytic and biological processes. All hydrogen-based technologies are covered, including data regarding

the state-of-the art of each process in terms of costs, efficiency, measured parameters, experimental analyses, and demonstration projects.

In the last part of the book, the role of hydrogen in the integration of renewable sources in electric grids, transportation sector, and end-use

applications is assessed, considering their current status and future perspectives. The book includes performance data, tables, models and

references to available standards. It is thus a key-resource for engineering researchers and scientists, in both academic and industrial contexts,

involved in designing, planning and developing solar hydrogen systems.


Below is a book on the topic @ £100 online.

chariot auto

Solar Hydrogen Generation Description

Renewable Energy and the Hydrogen Economy.- The Solar Resource.- Electrolysis of Water.- A Solar Concentrator Pathway to Low-Cost Electrolytic Hydrogen.-

Thermochemical and Thermal/Photo Hybrid Solar Water Splitting.- Molecular Approaches to Photochemical Splitting of Water.- Hydrogen Generation from

Irradiated Semiconductor-Liquid Interfaces.- Photobiological Methods of Renewable Hydrogen Production.- Centralized Production of Hydrogen

using a Coupled Water Electrolyzer-Solar Photovoltaic System.


L.P.G. style hydrogen powered internal combustion engine conversion kits required ?

Bivalent (engine) - Wikipedia

Hydrogen and natural gas (L.P.G.) are very similar as fuels, so the differences between the

components needed to burn them are trivial, and interoperable systems are easily made.

After being decarbonized ( Edd China shows how )

L.P.G. style hydrogen kits could be developed to be retro fitted to classic sports cars worth the investment.

chariot auto

Wheeler dealer episode of Edd China fitting an L.P.G. conversion to a Land Rover defender :

The hydrogen would be mixed with the air in the intake manifold in an internal combustion engine.

The hydrogen tank would need a pressure escape valve as hydrogen expands from liquid at low temperatures.

You would probably need a butterfly valve on the exhaust to bypass the catalatic converter as does not like water.


Bivalent (engine) - Wikipedia



BMW Hydrogen 7 - Wikipedia

V-12 might be a bit much, maybe a V-6 version.

Only complete lack of infrastructure condemned it back in 2007, similar to a L.P.G. tank fill up at most garages.

Begs the question, is it better to convert utility petrol vehicles to run on hydrogen rather than replace them ?


Nuclear or renewables to power hydrogen power plant idea. refill like L.P.G. now for road transit:


As part of the desalination process the sea water's cadmium chloride could be used to make solar panels :

Offshore Solar Farms | GreenMatch



We have the technology for hydrogen based internal combustion engines since the noughties

BMW could either supply the engines or give us their noughties blue prints to make our own.

Confirmation of project by BMW:

Now comes the hard part of filling out the forms and putting it into a legal context.



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