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Paste up board for examples of limited production sportsters:

Samples of limited production sportsters that could influence a KIT CAR style build.


Awaiting Stormont approval :



'Sunday Cup Stormont' idea, who can get furthest in 6 hours with 2 drivers, Gov. funded amateur race league.

Self build hydro-chariots Sunday cup on the roads around Stormont ?

Note: Sir Clive Sinclair spent a lot of time and effort developing the C5 seating position, very ergonomic.

sunday cup stormont


Narrow cars for narrow back roads formula.



It's 'Back to the Future' ( 1, 2 & 3 ) with C-5 Hydro Racers.

c5 hydrogen racer


Narrow road racing C-5 style steering guess ?

c5 steering


Quick paste up sheet on the Sinclair C-5:



DIY C-5 style steering prototype using bike parts continued.

diy c5


Any suggestions on a name for this style of car ?

chariot auto


Eco-racer concept.

frugal chariot auto


Nascar seperate skin for bodywork bolted on. A much smaller one seater could be adapted with much smaller wheels.



Get the look you want by DIY or download 3D print job to a local garage option?

3d print


Shortened, narrowed and chopped cheap classics to convert into hydrogen racers.

chariot auto


Micro car paste up board:

Note ; Small wheels and small suspension.

micro car


Scaled up go cart for hydro sportster.

go cart


Mainly one seater roll cage buggies that could be adapted for road use.

chariot auto com


DIY projects all around for garage builds & 1:24 scale scaletrix 3D print body prototypes racing idea;



Just realized I had these, from Amazon about a decade ago, must watch again.

Link to buy: National Geographic - Ultimate Car Factories [DVD]: DVD & Blu-ray

car factories is a two week project for me, one that is just the basis for a design brief.

Any mechanics, engineers, auto CAD operators etc. out there please take the baton and pass it on to others

and build and develop your own, prototype builds to compete in a competition. Mock ups with sink width drain pipe

and glue to photo and 3-D scan into Auto-CAD for further development. Please give it a go. Eddy.





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